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Dr. Ben

Becoming a patient at PS Chiropractic with Dr. Ben has changed my life!

I experienced a back injury on the job in 1995 and have been living in unbearable pain, especially in the past three years. Despite numerous cortisone shots, minor surgeries, and the implantation of a spinal stimulator, the pain continued to get worse. I could not even make it through a trip to the grocery store without wanting to find somewhere to sit down. Working at home was also difficult. I just wanted to get in my favorite chair in our sunroom and not get up. Just walking to the kitchen to make coffee was painful. I was taking two Aleve every day and a strong prescription drug three to four times a day.

I was told by my neurosurgeon that I was facing serious surgery that no surgeon in this area could do. I would have to go to MUSC to have a surgery that involved placing steel rods into my back.  While seeking out my options for surgery, a friend highly recommended going to see Dr. Ben. I had never been to a chiropractor before, and as most folks do, I kept putting it off. Finally my husband insisted I give chiropractic a try before scheduling to have surgery. Upon arriving at PS Chiropractic, Dr. Ben took x-rays and told me I definitely had some major issues, but he could help me.

It has now been eight months, and I am off of the strong prescription pain medication. I still take two Aleve every day and an occasional extra strength Tylenol, but I am getting better each time I get an adjustment. I see Dr. Ben twice a week, along with my husband. He has been experiencing great results too!

I love the atmosphere at PS Chiropractic! Dr. Ben and his staff are very caring people and it feels like visiting family when we go in for our appointments. This is such a friendly group of people and it’s the place to go to get your body moving forward again. I am so thankful that I have been able to get off of the strong pain medication and feel more like myself. For us, it’s only a ten minute drive to the office, but we would make the drive no matter how far! It is worth every visit!

A very grateful patient, 

Maxine Keith 

  • "I have been a patient at P.S. Chiropractic since 2001. When I began coming here I had hip pain daily! Now I have hip pain…….well, I don't remember the last time I had hip pain. I also used to get headaches that would make me sick several times per week. And these headaches would last for days at a time. Now I rarely have a headache.

    I have MS and have more ailments from that than I care to mention, but the rehab, myo therapy and chiropractic adjustments are a key factor in keeping me moving. If it were not for the TLC and precise attention they give to my complicated needs, I would not be able to work 2 jobs and exercise regularly. I thank God for sending me to P.S. Chiropractic."
    Michelle Ramsey
  • "I really appreciate all that Dr. Ben has done for me! You don't find doctors these days that really care about people like he does. It's a real blessing and wonderful testimony! There was a time when my washer, dryer, dishwasher, and microwave all went out in the same month. Dr. Ben was so generous to give some money to go towards a new washer and dryer. Only God knew my need and he used Dr. Ben to help meet it. I was so shocked and overwhelmed, I didn't know what to say! Every time I do laundry, I'm reminded of his generosity and all that PS Chiropractic has done for me over the years."
  • "Due to a head-on collision, I had extensive damage to my spinal column. The pain was so great, I started taking some very powerful pain killers. I could not stand straight and could barely walk. I was headed for a wheelchair. After seeing medical doctors and having an MRI and other tests, I was referred to a highly recommended neurosurgeon. He said that nothing could be done except having pain killing drugs injected into my spine! As a last resort, I went to see Dr. Pam and Dr. Ben Avritt at PS Chiropractic. After the third treatment, I was standing straight and completely off of pain killers. I am now fully functional.

    So if there is anyone out there who has any type of pain, you owe it to yourself to see Dr. Ben Avritt. I am now 72 years old and Dr. Ben tells me I get around like a much younger man. PS Chiropractic has put years back onto my life."

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